advantages of Magnesium

Why Magnesium is important to health

Do you take get enough Magnesium in your diets these days?  If not then you should look at this article from Dr Oz and see why you need to start taking magnesium pills.  You can get this supplement in many food forms like bananas or daily vitamins.  We don’t hear much about this mineral but it is a very important one.  Magnesium pill or power can help in constipation, healthy bones, energy, help with heart and blood vessels.  I take it to help me relax and go to sleep.  You can take it at night to help with these symptoms.

Magnesium: Why You Need It

Magnesium Pills

Magnesium (Mg) may be the most overlooked mineral. No one has yet popularized a simple way to remember it, in the way that we usually associate potassium with bananas, calcium with bone health, and sodium with blood pressure. But magnesium is an incredibly versatile and important nutrient that many doctors, nutritionists, and researchers believe is the single most important nutrient for human health.”

There are many types of supplements you can take to get your Magnesium level higher. Check out our site for more information on this powerful mineral and why it important to take it on a daily basis.