Introduction To Magnesium Orotate

First, let me tell you about magnesium. Magnesium is an alkaline earth metal that naturally occurs here on earth. In our body, it is the fourth most abundant mineral. With this fact, we can conclude that magnesium is a very important part of our body. It is essential for vital body functions like our bones’ structure, our heart, and our immune system. Without magnesium, our bodies could fail to work. There are different ways in which we can get magnesium in our bodies. One is the food we eat. Common foods that contain rather high levels of magnesium include fish, cashew, nuts, grains, bananas, and almonds. However, sometimes these are not enough. Being the second most common deficiency, most people are prescribed by doctors to take magnesium supplements. These come in several forms and several characteristics. There are oral tablets, capsules, and liquids. And the ingredients inside also differ from each other, not just pure magnesium. One example is magnesium orotate. What is the magnesium orotate daily dosage of 500mg

Some Magnesium Orotate Benefits

Magnesium in general aids in normalizing blood sugar levels strengthens the immune system, keeps our bad cholesterol low and makes good cholesterol high. But, magnesium orotate specifically has its own medical miracles. If you have trouble sleeping, magnesium orotate can greatly help you. Magnesium inhibits the release of some hormones like adrenaline. When magnesium levels in the body get lower, the body releases adrenaline thus making you feel pumped up and going thus inducing stress and insomnia. Another benefit of magnesium orotate is through our cardiovascular health. Magnesium is proven to reduce blood pressure and prevent hypertension. An advanced research magnesium orotate in Russia showed that patients with heart conditions that did not take magnesium had higher fatality rates compared to those who took it on a daily basis. Magnesium orotate also plays an important role in our body’s hydration. With low magnesium levels, sodium and potassium cycles in our body will not function properly. They are dependent on our magnesium levels. Last but not the least, the orotate component of magnesium orotate helps in the synthesis of DNA and RNA.

Some Magnesium Orotate Side Effects

Though commonly used also to induce bowel movement if it is not the desired use; magnesium orotate can give uncomfortable stomach and intestinal problems to our body. It is not fatal though. The effects of stomach aches can be reduced by eating a full meal before taking in magnesium orotate. There have been reported cases of severe allergic reaction to either magnesium or the orotic acid which included symptoms of swelling, itching, and formation of rashes. But these are rare. It is highly recommended to consult a doctor first about your allergic reactions or if you have conditions which prohibit intake of magnesium orotate.

Final Words

magnesium oxide side effectsMagnesium orotate is highly bioavailable and is cheap. You can buy them readily at pharmacies over the counter or by prescription if you will need higher concentrations. There is magnesium orotate powder or liquid form available so just ask a doctor first which one suits you best.


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